Last Weekend, and the Events and Happenings Contained Therein

October 13, 2007

…being a short ode to books, couches, and trees.To mark the occasion of my family purchasing its first ever reclining leather armchair I spent last weekend enjoying said chair along with some textual company. I’ve been somewhat between books the last while. I read Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities” a few weeks ago, and then started “East of Eden” immediately afterwards. But I had gotten into my head that it might be nice to write up a little of my impression of the books I’ve been reading and hopefully link these impressions together a bit. So I started to thinking through “Bonfire of the Vanities” and sorting it all out in my head when I realised it might be helpful to take on something similar with which to connect and contrast it. With this in mind I pushed “East of Eden” onto my ‘to read’ stack and started “American Psycho” by Brett Easton Ellis. Now I’d heard a lot about this book (but never seen the film), and had read “Lunar Park” by Ellis which namedrops “American Psycho” a bit (and its protagonist Messr. Bateman a lot). I have a terrible habit of taking a mad urge to read one book in the middle of another (to illustrate this “East of Eden” was in turn an interruption of “Sophie’s Choice”!); for the most part I can context switch pretty well though so it’s not normally a problem. So context switch I did and lashed into “American Psycho” which I finished pretty quickly, and I do think it helped in setting “Bonfire of the Vanities” in context (and I am working on a proper piece linking and looking at both). So having now finished “American Psycho” I had the chance to resume “East of Eden”. But instead I found myself in a charity shop waiting for the lads yesterday and ended up buying “Brave New World” (which I’ve managed to miss up to now) and have started that instead. But I will get back to “East of Eden”, and hopefully will post a piece on it and “The Grapes of Wrath” which I read and loved a few years back. Once “East of Eden” is done I’m planning to finish “Sophie’s Choice” and move on to something different from there. It occurs to me that apart from a couch I haven’t really mentioned anything about last weekend at all. To quickly sum up in index form:

  • Books — Holistic Experience of, Good.
  • Couch — Placement of Arse Within, Sensation of, Found to be, Great.
  • Trees — Orientation of, Horizontal, Due to, Interaction with, Saw, Wielded by, Me.
  • Evidence — Of the Preceding, Photographic, to be Found on, Flickr.

Join me next time when I discuss my bulletproof, patented Book System®.


One comment

  1. Reclining leather chairs really are the shit. I find they’re even comfy for coding.

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